PPoPP 2023
Sat 25 February - Wed 1 March 2023 Montreal, Canada

NSF Funded Student Travel Grant

(Only US students are eligible)

Application Deadline: Jan. 20, 2023

Detailed Information

Students who are currently enrolled in U.S. universities are eligible to apply for financial support from our NSF grant to travel to and attend HPCA/CGO/PPoPP 2023 to be held February 25 – March 1 in Montreal, QC, Canada. You do not need to be a U.S. citizen to apply.

Selection will be based on need and the degree of participation. Committee members and presenters of papers or posters will have priority. Since the total grant is a fixed amount, the amount that can be awarded to each student will depend on the number of awardees and will cover only a portion of your expenses. Reimbursable expenses include conference registration, airfare, ground transportation, and lodging only.

Please send your travel grant application by the deadline via email to Sepideh Maleki (Student.Travel.Grant+PPoPP@gmail.com). Use the subject line “NSF Student Travel Grant Application for PPoPP 2023.” The travel grant application (a single consolidated pdf file) should include:

  • A cover page with the name of the student, contact information, which symposium you are registering to attend, and name of the student’s institution and advisor, as well as details of membership in an underrepresented group (including women) if applicable
  • A write-up stating the reason for attending the symposium and a description of research interests. This should include information about whether the student is presenting work at the conference (or related workshops).
  • A letter from the student’s advisor confirming the student’s eligibility and recommending the student to attend the symposium
  • A resume (including an ACM student membership number if available); no more than 4 pages

An estimate of conference-related expenses, including information about other sources of funding available for the conference travel Additional funds may be requested to help offset the costs for a companion care-provider. Specifically, students with physical disabilities necessitating a companion or students who are parents of an infant less than two years old who cannot travel without the infant and a care provider for the infant may request additional funds in their applications.

After the conclusion of the symposia, each awarded student must complete and return appropriate travel reimbursement forms and include original receipts. This form will be provided later to you. You must also provide a one-page report on your impressions of the symposium that you attended. A summary of your impressions will be provided to the NSF.